Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Submission Guidelines

i. All submissions must be made online by May 31st, 2017.
ii. If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the first author must undertake to present it.
iii. All abstracts will initially be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the Scientific Committee.
iv. The Committee reserves the right to determine whether an abstract submission is accepted as an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
v. A limited number of scholarships to fund attendance at the conference will be available for participants coming from other states.
vi. Scholarships are for presenting authors ONLY.


Preparation of Abstracts

• All abstracts must be submitted in ENGLISH
• Use Arial 12 point type only
• Use single spacing only
• Format – Microsoft Word files only
• Leave one line between paragraphs
• Specify all abbreviations in full at the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Use the abbreviation thereafter
• Check abstract thoroughly for spelling and grammar
• Do not include references
• Indicate preferred departmental/organizational subtheme 


All abstracts must include:
Capitalized in BOLD at the top of the abstract, maximum 50 words.

• Underline the name of the author who will be presenting the paper
• Use surname followed by initials (do not use full stops or commas between surname and initials)
• Omit degrees and titles
• Include affiliations for each author. Use superscript numbering after the author’s name and before the comma separating authors to indicate affiliations

Body of Abstract:

Maximum 350 words
• Background: Study objectives, hypothesis tested, or description of problem
• Methods: Method used or approach taken
• Results: in summarized form, must include data but do not include tables, graphs or pictures
• Conclusion: Description of main outcomes of the study. Include knowledge or insight that conference attendees will gain from the presentation, explanation of how conference attendees can apply the skills and/or knowledge within their communities.


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